Perpetual protocol

The core of Perpetual Protocol is the decentralized exchange (DEX), based on Ethereum and xDAI.


Treasure is a metaverse that revolves around two resources $MAGIC and treasures and runs on Arbitrum network.


Netvrk is a blockchain based VR platform where users and businesses will employ the tools platform offers to create an ever-expanding digital metaverse, enjoy the experiences within and monetize various activities.

2022-01-12 Daily BTC/ETH Overview

Ethereum and alt-coins get outperformed by Bitcoin, but for how long? Estimated leverage ratio still high - potential squeeze is intact.


Portals is a metaverse project on Solana enabling people to create spaces in a building.

INVICTUS ($IV) Overview

Can Solana 2022 projects be trusted - good early entry points or a possible scam?

Talent protocol

Talent protocol is a simple tool where people can launch their token as a way for their supporters to back them and help them grow professionally.

Nifty Island

Nifty Island is a world where players can create personalized islands and customize them however they wish.

2022-01-10 Daily BTC/ETH Overview

Continued weakness across all chains - the bottom seems to be intact or very near - what is the best course of action?

2022-01-06 Daily ETH Overview

Past trends give insights that ETH may squeeze in the next 1-2 months, but can technically experience short-term bearish price action.


Very niche idea and an alternative to Sandbox, Decentralized, but given the flaws of their team, project roadmap and future outlook - is it worth to dive in?

2022-01-06 Daily BTC Overview

Doing separate reviews for BTC and ETH as the movement and volatility is high, hence we need a lot to review.

Terra Luna ($LUNA) 2022 Project Re-Visit

Terra has been one of the standouts in a year full of exciting crypto initiatives making waves. Let us take a look at what happened and what is to come!