2021-12-28 Daily BTC/ETH Overview

SPY showing strength and reaching ATH which drives Crypto Market upwards - Alternative Coin Season soon as Bitcoin Dominance fades?


Lewk aims to enable web 3.0 potential for content creators and influencers allowing them to earn income in more ways than there currently are.

2021-12-27 Daily BTC/ETH/MATIC Overview

As expected, the volumes were a little bit bigger as the stock market was closed - we reached ATH on Matic, have some news on BTC and ETH as well

Maus haunt

Mouse Haunt is an action-packed multiplayer play-to-earn mobile game where players will collect NFTs, farm tokens, breed characters and build an environment to earn money.

2021-12-22 Daily BTC/ETH Overview

Bitcoin turns bullish and needs to break 50 000 in order to secure a run, whilst ETH is holding above its yearly support trend-line.

Voxies & Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics - a blockchain game inspired by 1990s - nostalgic but modern - free to play & play to earn!

Klay City

KlayCity is a P2E game built on the Klaytn Blockchain where users can engage in gamified earning experiences.

Adidas NFT drop

Adidas, one of the first big companies entering NFT space, recently dropped an NFT sale making $23.4M in an afternoon.

Sidus Heroes

Sidus is AAA+, MMORPG (RPG where a large number of people can participate simultaneously) browser game with NFT and play-to-earn elements.

Loopring & 2021-12-15 Daily BTC/ETH Overview

Loopring guide into ZK-Rollups and GME partnership - daily update of Bitcoin which is showing possible reversal pattern and Ethereum that is currently testing support zones!

Elrond & 2021-12-14 Daily BTC/ETH Overview

Team led by members of Microsoft, Intel, Google, IBM are constructing a decent project - Elrond! Meanwhile BTC fear grows following SPY negative momentum, ETH is currently in a critical moment confirming or denying support.